Why does Islam allow more than one wives? – Polygamy

Before Islam was reintroduced, polygamy was very famous in the society. Islam restricted the number. It is allowed to marry up to 4 wives but if you cannot do justice to them, then marry only one. It is given this option to some males in some countries but not in Turkey, not in Europe. Because we have to obey Turkey’s constituent/law and it allows us to marry with only 1.

Polygamy is not introduced by Islam. Polygamy is always there throughout the history. But Islam says that, if you’re going to marry more than 1, you are %100 responsible for the women, for the children, for the food, for the shelter, every single necessity.

But think from this side too. There were many wars and there are still wars. There are lots of makes killed and who is going to marry the women. Every single person needs the warmth of a home.

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