Why do Muslim women wear Hijab?

Islam has a dress code for men and women. It is described in the Quran and Hadith. Therefore, the women who follow Islamic dresscode do it to submit to the teachings of Islam, to please God, not because other people want them to.  There might be some women doing it due to social pressure, but there are also women who want to follow Islamic dress code but not allowed by their families or social environments. Muslim women who don’t wear Hijab are still Muslim, but it is a sin to not to wear it when there is a strange man who is not a close family member.

The reason Muslim women dress modestly and cover their bodies is because it is asked in the Quran, and we believe there are wisdoms behind this such as protecting women from being objectified.


  1. Its in the Quran
  2. Its not because men force women
  3. Not wearing it is a sin but one still is a Muslim
  4. There might be social, psychological etc. wisdoms but the reason of this practice is not those wisdoms but the order in the Quran.
  5. If asked about equality, you can tell that men’s test is lowering the gaze and not looking.
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