What is Shariah? Şeriat Nedir?

Shariah Laws means “How to manual”
Shariah Laws are given to all prophets.
When people think of the shariah laws the very first thing that comes to their mind is cutting hands exc. I’ll give very simple analogy for hats. Suppose a people come from Mars down now. And they ask a question: What is the US constitution(anayasa)? And if I tell them, Us constitution kills people by injection, by hanging, by electrocution and that’s all I say and they leave. What I did is justice for Us constitution? I’m just mentioning to them only maybe 0,05% of the all constitution. Rest of them are beautiful. In the same way, the punishment of the system in Shariah Law is the same. Compare that with the country’s management. All countries have a punishment system. Rest of the Shariah law speaks about: respecting the neighbour, honoring your parents, enjoining good, forbidding evil, gaining education, enhancing the society, giving charity. All of these things are part of shariah law. Even smiling at the people is the part of Shariah law.

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