What is Jihad?

Jihad is a comprehensive term. It means to strive or struggle in Arabic language. What I am doing right now (mosque volunteering) is a form of Jihad. The place in the mosque where imam leads the prayer is called “Mihrab” which means battleground. This implies that fact that the fight against our ego and desires is also a form of battle. However, we do not deny that a subcategory of Jihad is fighting when a group of people is oppressing another group, by not letting them be informed about Islam, or in any other way. Even if Muslims take control of a place they cannot force anyone to convert to Islam because this is forbidden in the Quran. (Quran 2/256).

Life is sacred in Islam (Quran 6/151) and killing one person unjustly is compared to killing all humanity (Quran: 5/32). However, unfortunately some people take verses of the Quran out of their context and use them to justify their misconducts. Most such people are either politically motivated or have a psychological trauma that leads them to act violently and they try to use Islam to justify this. Most people joining such terrorist groups have a traumatic history in their lives that causes them to join such groups.


  1. Jihad means struggle
  2. No coercion to convert is allowed
  3. Life is sacred in Islam (even animals cannot be killed for no reason)
  4. Terrorism is political and psychological not religious

Just like KKK(Ku Klux Klan – Brotherhood of Klan) does not represent Christianity,
Just like Baruch Goldstein who went to Hebron and massacred in the mosque 36 worshippers does not represent Judaism,
Just like in 2002 RSS in india massacred 2000 muslims, they don’t represent Hinduism,
Just like the Buddhist Monks who are torturing and doing genocide of the Muslims in Burma, do not represent Buddism.
In the same way; Any misguided people anywhere in the world, in the name of Islam, if they are going against the pure and peaceful teachings of Islam, they do not represent Islam

When we exert our best effort to please the creator, that is Jihad. That means you’re struggling and striving to please the creator.

1rd category:If you are taking care of your old parents or struggling to wake up for prayer, if you’re helping out a poor person with your Money and cherished resources, any personal struggle we have, we say that is Jihad.,

2nd category: If you go for a blood drive, clothing drive, canned food ext. Improve the society is the 2nd category of Jihad.
For example: there is a marathon to raise awareness against gun violence, against poverty exc are the ways we muslim can enhance the society and this is another example of Jihad.

3rd category: self defense
Suppose that some enemy comes and knock your door and you fear that something bad will be happen. It’s your right to pick up your baseball bat to defend yourself and call the police.

So defend yourself, your family, your property, your country we say that is part of Jihad.

4rd category: Saving lives
So what about those people doing bad deeds in the name of Jihad?
We exactly say the same thing. We don’t blame the Christianity because of what KKK has been done, the crusades, the slave traders, the spanish inquisition, the genocide of the native Americans, in the name of Christianity evil acts were done. We don’t blame Christianity, we blame them. In the same way, any misguided Muslim in the name of Jihad doing suicide bomboing or oppressing minorities, forcefully converting them, mistreating women. We blame them and not Islam or Jihad.

This is how West media tells the Jihad: Muslims are allowed to kill nonmuslim in any time any place and this is honorable act and Muslims go to heaven for this action

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