Symbols of Praying

  1. Tekbir(Raising hands mean): we leave everything behind us and focusing to meet with God.
  2. Kıyam, eller bağlı: We speech some chapters from Quran, it’s like God is speaking and we are standing and we tie our hands in front of God. That’s symbolize to respect.
  3. Rüku: We bend in front of the God, like acting in theatre for showing our respect. When people meet kings and queens, some bow and some prostrate before them (e.g. the king and queen of Thailand) Musliim bow and prostrate only before God. These acts of devotion are reserved exclusively for God, the only legitimate object of worship.
  4. Secde: means; controlling your ego. Because it’s the lowest point. If you can’t control your ego, your ego controls. Than you become the slave of your ego.And if you have high ego, you can’t be satisfied. Even if you have good car, you ask for better one. If you have best car, you ask for plane.
  5. Sitting: When we sit, we say the sentence of Shahadeh. Meaning of shahadeh is: I testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.Then your private time starts, talk to the god. You can say anything, you can ask anything from God, that doesn’t have to be arabic.
  6. Selam verme: Peace be on you.

As you can see, praying is a dialogue, not monolog.

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