Sentence of witness / testimony / shahadah

I bear witness, there is no other god, besides Allah, and i bear witness Muhammed, is the slave servant and messenger of Allah.

  • This rule is the most important of all. 
  • To be a muslim or to convert in Islam, someone must say the sentence of witness which you hear from the minarets five times everyday: Eşhedu en laa ilahe illallah…
  • The meaning is: There is no god but Allah (The God) and Mohammed is the servant and messenger of Allah. 
    1. There is no god but Allah means: You destroy all the gods in your mind. 
      1. If money is a god for you, you have to donate help to poor people. 
      2. If your ego is a god for you, you have to be humble and put your head to the ground in prayer. 
      3. If your desires is god for you, you have to fast 
      4. As a result, if you can’t destroy the gods in your mind, you become a slave of them.
  • Mohammed is the servant of Allah means: Mohammed was very humble so he told that «don’t exaggerate me like christians exaggerate Chris. I am the slave/servant of Allah.» So we don’t position him as son of god, etc. 
  • Mohammed is the messenger of Allah means: You accept that Mohammed is a good example for you and the Quran is a message of God.
  • So, to convert in Islam, we don’t have baptisim like ceremony.
  • Saying the sentence of witness make a person muslim. 
  • By the way, Islam is against the concept of baptism which means from the birth all people are born with the sin.  
    1. In Christianism, Adam&Eve made a mistake which is known as original sin. This sin is inherited to next generations. So from birth kids are born with sin. If a kid is baptized by her family and dies in an accident, she becomes a lost spirit.  
    2. But according to Islam, from the birth all the children are born pure/clean and sinless. No matter if they are the children of muslim, budist, christian, agnostic, atheist…So if a kid dies in an accident, we believe that she goes to paradise with no judgement. 
    3. So according to Islam, we believe that each person is responsible from his actions. And responsibility begins with adulthood which is 13-15 years old. 
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