Messengers – Prophets

  • To send his message, the God used messengers. 
  • Chose some people who were «the best person» of their societies.
  • Donated them a different sense that we don’t have, which is known as «the sense of inspiration».
  • So the messengers inspired from the God and spread this messages to people. 
  • When they spread the message they also practise it. So they prove that the guidence of the God can be applicable. 
  • By the way, we believe that, because the God is the same, the messengers brought the same message.    
    • This is similar to: If I want to communicate with you I can use whatsapp messenger or skype messenger. But the message belongs to me so it is not important which messenger tool I am using. 
    • So we believe that Mohammed (puh), Christ, Moses are the messengers of the same God. So whether the God used Mohammed messenger or Christ Messenger or Moses Messenger, the message belongs to the God and the messengers brought the same message. 
    • The question is «why did the God use different messengers»
    • The answer is: The message of the God through Moses Messenger was changed by people after Moses died. People Contributed their interpretation to the Holly Message Tawrah. Gerenation by generation the gap increased and when people totally lost to differentiate what is from the God and what is from the contributions of the people the God sent Jesus Christ. 
    • Then Christ fixed the gap, but his followers did not note what he told to them. Just kept the message in mind and verbally spred this message to others. Ear to ear, the message was changed. Matt, Marc, Johan, Lucas wrote the gospels according to what they heard. And during the centuries the gap increased and a lot of versions of gospels were appeared. So the God sent Mohammed to the people. 
    • The question is «Message of the God through Mohammed; was it changed by people or remain the same»
    •  In 1869 Russia’s attach on Uzbekistan Semerkand, Russians found a Quran. Archeologists made radiocarbon and proved that the Quran was from the century of Mohammed (pbuh) and they transferred it to St Petersburg National Museum. Studies proved that all the context of the Quran was the same. 
    • In Topkapi Palace Museum, there is another Quran from 8th century with the same context of the Quran we’re reading now.   
    • So people could not change the Quran, still an original scripture with no human contribution.
    • As a result of this, we believe that Mohammed is the last messenger of the God. 
    • In summary we can say that Moses, Christ and Mohammed brought the same message. But when people changed the message, the God sent another messenger to fix it. 
    • And because there is no change in the Quran, we believe that if someone wants to follow the guidance of the God he can do this with Quran. 
    • But, if someone does not know anything about the Quran then other scriptures of the God has to be followed. So a Christian sheep keeper on the mount of Italy, if he did not know the Quran, he is responsible with Tawrat/Gospels. 
    • And if someone does not know any of the scriptures of the God, like an Australian aboriginal, he is responsible for his predictions about the God.
  • Misunderstanding 1: Most of european thinks that we muslims only believe Muhammad as a prophet. But we believe Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Adam exc. Without believing them all, we can’t be muslim. 
  • Misunderstanding 2: Generally religions take their names from founders. For example christianism from Chris, Budism from Buda, Judism from Juda. But our religions name is Islam, not mohammedism.
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