Kelime ezberleme serisi – 7.gün

Kelimeİngilizce AnlamıTürkçe AnlamıÖrnek Cümle
Bucketa round, open container with a handle used for carrying liquidsKovaa bucket of water
detentiona situation in which someone is officially kept somewhere and not allowed to leavetutuklanma, hapsedilme, alıkonma During home detention he may leave only for medical, court or religious reasons.
a.d.Anno Domini : a Latin phrase meaning “in the year of the Lord”, which is used when referring to a year after Jesus Christ was born.Milattan sonrain 130 AD, AD 130
mendto repair something that is broken, torn, or not working correctlytamir etmek, onarmakI’ve mended that hole in your skirt for you
fellowa man (old fashioned)adam, herifa big fellow with broad shoulders
loosenot firmly fixedgevşek, serbest, laçka, gevşemişThere were some loose wires hanging out of the wall.
dampslightly wet, usually in an unpleasant way.rutubetli ve havasız ortam, nemli ortamIt was cold and damp outside.
demonstrationthe act of showing someone how to do something, or how something works.uygulamalı gösteri, izah, ispat, delil, kanıtLet me give you a demonstration of how the camera works. 2)I went to sculpture demonstration last weekend.
prerequisitesomething that is necessary in order for something else to happen or existön koşul, ön şartTrust is a prerequisite for any sort of relationship.
internalizeto accept or absorb an idea, opinion, belief, etc. so that it becomes part of your character.özümsemek, benimsemek, içselleştirmekHe had not expected the people so readily to internalize the values of democracy
fruitfulproducing good results. Hikayesi: Çiftçinin meyve ağaçları çok meyve dolu olduğundan çiftçi: “fruit full” demiş.verimliIt was a most fruitful discussion, with both sides agreeing to adopt a common policy.

Hikayesi: We were at the classroom. A big fellow with broad shoulders entered the classroom. His waist belt was very loose so he needed to lift his trousers up all the time. Also it was easily seeable that he needed to mend the holes in his clothes. Also his hair was wet. It was like someone poured a bucket of water over his head. He obviously didn’t have any of the prerequisites for being teacher but he said that he is. We all didn’t believe him but when he told us his story we all changed our opinion which we initially prejudiced. He was kept in damp home for detention for a long time. He told about his story for minutes than he wanted to start his lecture. He gave us very fruitful demonstration, he obviously internalized the whole lecture.

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