Kelime Ezberleme Serisi-6

KelimeTR AnlamıEng AnlamıÖrnek Cümle
pretendMiş gibi görünmekTo behave as if something is true when it’s notWere you just pretenting to be interested?
proverbAtasözüA famous phrase or sentence that gives you adviceAn ancient Chinese proverb
outreacheğitim, tıbbi, sosyal problemlerde yardım yapmaThe activity of an organization that helps people with the social problems.He is responsible for the campaign’s outreach.
pulloverKazaka warm piece of clothing that covers the top of your body and is pulled on over your head.She was wearing a light pullover.
dopeUyuşturucu, esrarmarijuana exc.They were arrested for selling dope.
emerge-den/dan çıkmak, görünmek, belirmekto appear from somewhere or come out of somewhere.A figure emerged from the shadows.
irritatekızdırmak, sinirlendirmekTo make someone angry or annoyedHis foolish questions irritated the teacher.
seekaramak, araştırmakto try to find or get something, especially something that is not a physical object. Past tense: soughtAre you actively seeking jobs?
lidkapakthe top part of a container that can be removed in order to put something in or take something out
liverkaraciğera large organ in your body that cleans your bloodA study showed the spice could also help to fight liver cancer

Hikayesi: Last night i was responsible for the homeless’ outreach. A car emerged from at the intersection of two streets. A muscular guy got out of the car and strolled around like he pretended to seek for someone. He was wearing a thick pullover. I silently watched his movements. He was selling dope to homeless people against their liver. That irritated me and i walked onto him. I found a lid while i was walking. I hit him with that lid until he became unconscious. There is a Turkish proverb: If you stay silent against the something unjust, you’re not just.

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