Is God Exists?

Let’s take a mobile phone as an example. A mobile phone is a good practical example to use because most of us have one and you can show this to the non-Muslim as you’re talking to them. Here is the argument: “Your mobile phone – what is it made of? It’s composed of a few basic elements — plastic, glass, silicon for the chip, and some precious metals. Plastic comes from oil and glass and silicon come from sand. So basically, what you are holding in your hand is oil and sand. Now, what if I told you that I was walking along in the desert of Arabia (where there’s lots of oil and sand) and picked up a mobile phone which I just found lying there. What if I said this was a product of billions of years of random events? So, the wind blew, the sun shone, the rain fell, the lightning struck, the oil bubbled, and after millions and millions of years, the mobile phone formed itself…and naturally I pick it up, push the call button and call my mum! Is there a chance that this mobile phone could have randomly formed itself through these natural processes? Using our common sense, none of us would ever come to this conclusion! Once we’ve made this point, get them to think about the universe: “If we would not accept this for a mobile phone, would we accept such an explanation for our universe and the life within it? After all, what are our options? In this vast universe all came about by a series of random events? Could it just have come from nothing? Ask yourself — do we ever see something coming from nothing? Could it have created itself? Surely that would need a starting point to begin with also. And if this is the case, then why not apply these to everything else in life? Do you behave as if things just appeared out of nowhere and things happen just like that or do you believe that everything has a cause? Common sense tells us that someone designed the phone using these components, so common sense would also tell us the same thing with the universe, with all its laws and systems — which are much more complex by the way than a mobile phone. It also points to an even greater intelligence to design and create the universe. The existence of design is a signpost to a designer. The complexity and the perfection of the design indicates something about the intelligence and capacity of the designer.”

  • We believe that there is a God
  • The God is one (ehad)
  • The God is eternal
  • Does not have the child (Lam Yalid)
  • Was not born or created (Lem Yoolad) 
  • The God is unique, so nothing is like the God (lem yekun lehu kufuven ehad).
  • We don’t picturise the God. Because we believe that the God is unlimited so we don’t limit the God with our pen.
  • The God does not have any gender. So according to Islam the trinity concept is not accepted.
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