How is life after death?

  • According to the Quran there will be 2 stages
    • Judgement 
    • Reward/punishment

  • In the judgement process all of our deeds/actions will be counted according to their numerical value. 
  • So when you do something good, this action has a bonus based on your intention.
  • And when you do a sin/evil, this also had negative mark again based on your intention. 
  • As a result all of our positive and negative scores are sum up and if you are in the positive side you’ll be rewarded. If you’re in the negative side you’ll be punished. 
  • We also believe that if you did something bad to someone, he will get his rights from you. So if you have enough good scores you’ll give some of the to this person but if you don’t have enough good deeds than you’ll get their evils. So that after believing in the God, the best thing you can do is not doing something bad to the people. 
  • The second stage of the life after death is rewarding/punishment
    • When all people are judged, scores will be declared by angels. 
    • Some people will be wellcomed by angels of the Paradise and some of them by angels of Hell. 
    • The Paradise and the Hell are metaphoricly (muteşabih) described in the Quran.  
    • So when we experience them, possibly we’ll say that «this is not totally what I imagined before»
    • Similar to this: Imagine that you live in 13th century and a man from 21st century came in your century with time vehicle. You ask him «tell me something about 21st century». He can say that «In 21st century, there will be very big iron birds in the sky transporting people in their inside. So he describes you the airplane with the words that you can understand. But when you also visit 21st century with time machine and see the big iron birds, you’ll possibly say that «this is not what I imagined before»
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