Day 20

englishturkishenglish meaningsample sentence
sinceresamimi, candan, yürekten, içtenhonest and saying or showing what you really feel.He seems to be sincere 2) A sincere apology.
chucklekıkır kıkır gülmek, katıla katıla gülmek, kıkırdamakTo laugh quietly.He gave a chuckle in response to her question
occasionuygun durum, münasip zaman, fırsata time when something happens1) We met on several occasion to discuss to issue. 2) I didn’t have occasion to talk with them.
severeçok ciddi, ağır, vahimextremely bad1) A severe headache 2) There is expected to be a severe frost tonight
pursueelde etmeye çalışmak, kovalamakIf you pursue a plan, activity or situation, you try to do it or achieve it, usually over a long period of time.She decided to pursue a career in television. Hikayesi: Çölde susayan adam yoldan geçen Pürsu kamyonunun peşinden koşup, onu elde etmeye çalışır.
encounterrastlamak, tesadüf gelmek.a meeting, especially one that happens by chance.He encountered a friend on the road. 2) I had a strange encounter with a French man on my way to work.
obstinatedediğim dedikçi, dik kafalı, söz dinlemez, bildiğini okuyannot willing to change your ideas or behaviour although you are wrong.He’s a very rude and obstinate man. 2) The engine obstinately refused to start. 3) An obstinate two year old.
possessionsahip olunan, mal mülka thing that you ownThe possession of large amounts of money does not ensure happiness. 2) Please remember to take all your possessions with you when you leave the aircraft.
necessarilykesin olmayannot for certain1) That’s not necessarily true. 2) I know she doesn’t say much, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not interested.
affair1) ele alınan veya üzerinde düşünülen bir konu veya olay 2) yasak cinsel ilişki1) a situation or set of related events, especially bad ones. The government’s handling of the affair has been widely criticized. 2) He’s been having an affair with a woman at work.
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