Day 19

englishturkishenglish meaningsample sentence
abstractsoyut, soyutlamakrelating to ideas and not real thingsSome of the paintings are works of abstract flowers.
suburbvaroş, gecekondu, dış mahallean area where people live outside the centre.For many years, Bağcılar was suburb of Istanbul.
speculatetahminde bulunmak, tahmin yürü guess possible answers to a question when you do not have enough information to be certain.The police refused to speculate about the cause of the accident.
merchandiseürün, mal, emtia, ticari eşyagoods that are traded or sold in shopsWe stock a broad range of merchandise.
persuadeikna etmek, razı etmek, inandırmakto make someone agree to do something by talking to them a lot about it.We managed to persuade him to come with us.
fellowadam, herifa man (old fashioned)a big fellow with broad shoulders.
variationdeğişiklik, fark, değişmea difference in amount or quality 2)something that is slightly different from the usual.1) Variations in price
neglectsavsaklamak, ihmal etmekto not give enough care or attention to people or things that are your responsibility.He neglected that poor dog – he never takes him for walks or gives him any attention.
grunthırıldamak, homurdamak, make a short, low sound instead of speaking, usually when you are angry or in pain1) The pig grunting 2) The diesel unit lacks some of the grunt of VW group rivals.
deceivealdatmak, hile make someone believe something that is not true. The company deceived customers by selling old computers as new ones.
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