Day 17

englishturkishenglish meaningsentences
assessdeğer biçmekto judge or decide the amount, value, quality or importance of something.The insurers will need to assess the flood damage
seldomnadirenalmost neverNow that we have a baby, we seldom get the chance to go to the cinema.
recreationeğlence, dinlenme, hoşça vakit geçirme için yapılan aktiviteactivities that you do for enjoyment when you are not working.Shopping seems to be her only form of recreation.
syllablehecea word or part of a word that has one vowel sound.“But” has one syllable and “apple” has two syllables.
infamousadı kötüye çıkmış, kötü şöhretlifamous for being bad.1) A city infamous for poverty and crime 2) The list included the infamous George, a murderer.
emerge‘den-dan çıkmak, görünmek, belirmekto appear from somewhere or come out of somewhereA figure emerge from the shadows.
destructionyıkım, tahrip, yok etmethe process of destroying somethingWe are all responsible for the destruction of the forest.
identicalexactly the sametıpatıp, aynıShe found a dress identical to the one in the picture. (Ay-dentical, Ay-nı) ilk hecelerinde ses benzerliği var.
likelybüyük ihtimalle, muhtemelensame as probably. Do remind me because I’m likely to forget.
consist of‘den meydana gelmek (Türkçe anlamı çok saçma kalıyor)to be something that is made or formed of various specific thingsHer responsibilities consist of answering the phone and greeting visitors.
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