Day 16 – 10 new vocabulary

english wordturkish meaningenglish meaningsentence
harshnesskaba, sert, acımasız, haşincruel, unkind or unpleasant in a way that seems unfair1) Taking him out of the game was a bit harsh. 2) After you’ve lived through the harshness of winter they bring sunshine and hope.
seesawkaldıraç / ikilemde kalmaka long board that children play on. The board is balanced on a central point so that when a child sits on each and they can make the board go up and down by pushing off the ground with their feet.1) His mind seesaw between hope and despair all through those weeks.
seekaramak, araştırmakto try to find or get something, especially something that is not a physical object.Are you actively seeking jobs? she asked.
objectionitiraz, karşı gelmethe act of experssing or feeling opposition to or dislike of something or someone.1) Her objection to the plan is based on incorrect facts. 2) A couple of people raised objections to the proposal.
robsoymak, soyup soğana çevirmek, zorla soymakto steal from someone or somewhere, often using violenceTwo tourists were robbed at gunpoint in the city centre last night.
superbmükemmel, harika bir şekildemarked to the highest degree by excellence, brilliance or competenceThe performance was absoulutely superb 2) They’ve done a superb job.
mindfulduyarlı, bilinçli, önem verencareful not to forget about somethingPoliticians are increasingly mindful that young voters are turning away from traditional parties.
majestygörkem, heybetif something has majesty, it causes admiration and respect for its beauty.This palace has majesty.
fortnightonbeş gün / 2 haftatwo weeksWe usually get together about once a fortnight.
trembletir tir titremekto shake slightly, especially because you are nervous, frightened or cold. My hands were trembled so much I could hardly hold the pen.
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