Day 10 – memorizing new vocabularies

English wordTurkish meaningEnglish meaningSample Sentence
entitlegörevlendirmek, yetkili kılmakto give someone the right to do or have something.Being unemployed entitles you to free medical treatment.
burst outAniden yüksek sesle söyleyivermekto suddenly say something loudly“Don’t go” he burst out.
merelysadece, yalnızcaused to emphasize that you mean exactly what you are saying and nothing moreI’m not arguing with you. I’m merely explaining the problem.
occupyişgal etmek, zapt etmek, doldurmakto fill a place or period of time. The fireplace will occupy this corner of the room. 2) The baby seems to occupy all our time.
wipesilmek, temizlemekto slide something, especially a piece of cloth, over the surface of something else, in order to remove dirt, food or liquidDo you have some paper towels that i can wipe the floor with?
resemblebenzemek, birisine çekmekto look like or be like someone or something1) You resemble your mother very closely 2) After the earthquake, the city resembled a battlefield.
employmentistihdampaid work that someone does for a person or companyIt is not easy to find employment in the countryside.
overwhelmbunalmış, başından aşmış.to be too much to deal with.The number or refugees overwhelmed the relief agencies in the area.
expressifade etmekto show what you think or how you feel using words or actionsYou’re not expressing yourself very clearly.
accusesuçlamakto say that someone has done something badHe was falsely accused of murder.

10 years ago i was working for a private company. When company’s manager retired, our department’s director entitled with management of company. One day; i was carrying the big flower from the corner of my room to downstairs. Because it was occupying the corner of the office. And of course after i moved that there were some dirts under the flower, new manager saw me while i was wiping the floor with paper towels and he burst out at me. Initially i didn’t want to discuss with him, i merely expressed myself. But he accused me unjustly that i wasn’t working properly. I was already overwhelmed because of the though day but he added one more thing right on my face: “If you don’t want to work, there are many people outside who waits for employment for your position” After that speech i was quite sure that his attitudes really doesn’t resemble to old manager’s.

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