Christianity & Islam

The differences between religions come from people, not from God.

  • In christianity there is a trinity. God, Jesus(Son) and holy spirit. In Islam, we believe in Jesus too but not as a son, as a prophet(Messenger)
  • In christianism, god is man figure. Why god is father? Why not mother? OR why did the god prefer to have son, why not daughter? In islam, we believe that god doesn’t have any gender.
  • If Christian means following Christ, i’m more christian than you. But today, Christians don’t follow Chris, they follow church. But Muslims follow Christ.
  • In Islam; kids have no responsibility. Responsibility begin when they are adult. This is what Holy book-Quran says.
  • Islam reject any gender of the God. No limitation.
  • In islam Jesus is a Messenger. But in christianism Chris is son of god. But Chris eats food, drinks water. He is just normal person like us.
  • In Islam there is no intermediary between God and people. If somebody has sin, they don’t go to imam, they praye on their own, they ask from god directly. In christianity, people go to church, priest for confession. But, this confession isn’t from time of Jesus Christ. Church created this idea for learning secret of people.
  • Muslims love Jesus as much as Christian people. Maybe more than them. Jesus is mentioned in Quran many times with respect and honour.
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