Kelime Ezberleme – 4.gün

Kelimeİngilizce AnlamıTürkçe AnlamıÖrnek Cümle
corruptiondishonest or immoral behaviour, usually by people in positions of powerAhlaki çöküntü, yolsuzluk(political corruption)He was arrested for corruption and bribery.
craftan activity in which you make something using a lot of skill, especially with your handszanaat, el sanatı, beceriThere is a craft union in Turkey – Children will read a book with the staff and make a recycled craft to take home.
magistratea type of judge – who deals with less serious crimessulh hukuk hakimi
humilitythe quality of not being proud or not thinking that you are better than other people.alçakgönüllülük, tevazuThey might be very rich, but it wouldn’t hurt them to show a little humility.
fencea wood, wire or metal structure that divides or goes around an areaçitThe house was surrounded by a wooden fence.
ModestyThe quality of not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities.alçakgönüllülük, sadelik, gösterişsizlikShe accepted the award with modesty.
calamitya serious accident or bad event causing damage or sufferingafet, felaket, musibeta series of calamities ruined them – floods, a failed harvest, and the death of a son.
Aeriala piece of metal that is used for receiving tv or radio signalsanten, tv, radyo alıcısı. 2)hava, havada bulunan (aerial support)An aerial view of Istanbul is fascinating.
Irrigateto provide water for an area of land so that crops can be grownsulamak, sulama yapmak.Water from the pool is used in the restrooms and to irrigate neighboring gardens.
Embrace1)Hold: If you embrace someone, you put your arms around them. 2)Accept: To accept new ideas, beliefs, methods etc. in enthusiastic way. 3) include: To include a number of things ( Birçok şeyi kapsamak, içermek: The report embraces a wide range of opinions)sarılmak, kucaklamak 2) isteyerek kabul etmek 3) içermekEmbrace islam

It was almost evening. I spent a lot of time for irrigating my garden and repairing the fences of my garden. While i was repairing the fences i saw my neighbour who is a magistrate and very famous guy in town because of his modesty. He is modest because he lives like us, he doesn’t have a luxury car or house exc. Anyway after we talked sometime, i invited him to home to continue. He mentioned me about the corruption of society. He is waiting a calamity because of this corruption. He connected the society’s corruption with religious life. I told him I’m muslim and he said that he’s been searching for Islam for months. He had some questions on his mind and asked them to me. That not he embraced with Islam. A few days later i gave him a present craft which shows the Istanbul’s aerial view. I worked 3 days for made this craft and he loved that. While he was accepting the gift he showed his humility.

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