15.gün – 10 new vocab

english wordturkish meaningenglish meaningSample Sentence
graduallyazar azar, zamanlaslowly over a period of timeGradually he began to get better.
smogkirli, sisli havaa mixture of smoke, gases and chemicals, especially in cities that makes the atmosphere difficult to breatheand harmful for health.As we flew into the airport, we could see a murky yellow smog howering over the city.
gathertoplanmak, bir araya gelmek, getirmekto join other people somewhere to make a group or to bring people together into a group.Crowds of fans gathered at the stadium for the big match.
merrilykeyifli, mutlu bir şekildeadverb form of merry.merry christmas’tan aklına gelsin.
vanishaniden gözden kaybolmakto diseppear.1) The report mysteriously vanished from the files. 2) The sun vanished behind the trees. Hikaye: Gömlekteki lekeler Kosla Vanish sayesinde hemen gözden kayboldu.
greedyaç gözlü, hırslı, gözünü mal/mülk/para bürümüş.wanting a lot more food, money etc. than you need.1)It would be greedy to have another slice of cake. 2) He’s greedy for power/success.
engage1)ilgilendirmek, meşgul etmek, dikkatini çekmek 2) işe almak1)to interest someone in something and keep them thinking about it 2)to employ someone1) The debate about food safety has engaged the whole nation. 2) I’ve engaged a secretary to deal with all my paperwork.
high and mightykendini beğenmişsomeone who is high and mighty behaves in a haughty manner as though they were superior to othersDon’t get all high and mighty! said my grandmother to my cousin. “Everyone helps with the housework in this house”
down to earthgerçekçisomeone who is down to earth is not a dreamer but a realistic and practical person who has sensible reactions and expectations1Don’t ask Suzy for help. she’s fun, but not very down to earth.
obtainelde etmek, kazanmak, edinmekto get somethingHe obtained a law degree from the university of california.

We, highschool friends gathered at the national rice day of high school a few years ago. I clearly remember the day beucase smog had covered the whole sky. One of our friends suggested to study law in a regular university all together. We all engaged about it except me. I told them that studying law is ok but let’s study in Harvard not somewhere else. He warned me “don’t be greedy“, obtaining Harvard Law isn’t easy, be down to earth. After he said all of those i gradually criticised him in merrily mode. I accept that i was high and mighty. After that they all vanished.

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