English wordTurkish wordEnglish meaningSample Sentence
cottagekulübe, kır/dağ evi, yazlık eva small house, usually in the countrysideWe rented a cottage for a weekend.
gestureel-kol hareketi yapmaka movement of the hands, arms or head exc.She made a rude gesture at the other driver.
enhancegeliştirmek, katkıda bulunmak, zenginlik katmakto improve somethingWinning that award greatly enhanced her reputation.
disgraceitibarını kaybetmek, şerefini iki paralık etmek, gözden düşmekto make people stop respecting you or your family, team etc by doing something very bad.1) You’re a disgrace to this university and your family name. 2) He was sentenced to prison and dismissed from the Army in disgrace.
allowanceharçlık, aylık, ödenekmoney that you are given regularly, especially to pay for a particular thing.I couldn’t have managed at college if i hadn’t had an allowance from my parents.
groaninlemek, inilti sesi çıkarmakto make a long, low sound such as when expressing pain, unhappiness etc.He collapsed groaning with pain.
outputüretim, verim, hasıla, randımanthe amount of something that is produced.Over the past year the factory’s output has fallen by %15.
gaspgüçlükle ve hırıltıyla nefes almakto breather loudly and with difficulty trying to get more air.She gasped in horror as the car spun out of control. Hikayesi: gasp edilen kadın, olayın etkisindeyken güçlükle nefes alabildi.
griefüzüntü, sıkıntı, kedergreat sadness, especially caused by someone’s death.The grief of losing the victim easily extends to the teenagers who bullied them. Hikayesi: Renklerden gidelim, siyah ölüm olsun; gri de üzüntü, sıkıntı, keder olur.
utter1) söylemek, ifade etmek 2) tam, bütün, her şeyiyle, tam tamıyla1) to say something 2) complete or extreme1) She sat through the entire meeting and didn’t utter a word. 2) She dismissed the article as utter nonsense.

My friend inherited a factory from his father. Also his father inherited the factory from his father. Both generations enhanced something on the factory. Now it was my friend’s turn. He is in charge for 3 years but in every year output of the factory dropped around %10. One day he woke up with the bad news of his debt from bank. They couldn’t pay it, because they didn’t have enough money to pay it. He called the accountant while he is gasping. He was worrying about both losing company and his disgrace. Recently, a few employers made a rude gesture and resigned from the company. His grief after his employers’ gesture was terrible but he didn’t utter a word. He gave their allowance anyway even if they resigned theirselves. His emotion was quite bad, he was groaning sometimes when he’s alone. He decided to rent a cottage and leave the factory alone for 2-3 days for refreshing his mind and think better.

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