ingilizcetürkçeingilizce anlamıörnek cümle
astoundinghayrete düşüren, şaşkınlık yaratanvery surprisingastounish’ten geliyor. – It’s astounding to me that the lives of these still young people are so exposed.
resemblancebenzerlikthe fact that two people or things look like each other way.There was a clear family resemblance between all the brothers.
tapmuslukthe part at the end of a pipe that controls the flow of waterto turn a tap on/off
recklessumursamaz, dikkatsizdoing something dangerous and not caring about what might happen.She was driving very fast and reckless and i was afraid she was going to hit me.
traytepsia flat object with higher edges, used for carrying food and drinksShe came back carrying a tray of drinks.
jugsürahia container with a handle used for pouring out liquidsa jug of water.
assetmal varlığı, varlık, servet, mülksomething that a person or company owns that has a value. The company has 70million $ in asset.
playfulşen, şakacıfunny and not seriousa playful mood
outragehiddet, büyük öfke, müthiş şok, nefreta strong feeling of anger or shoch1) The scandal caused public outrage. 2) These murders have provoked outrage across the country
prefectöğrenci temsilcisiin the UK, an older student in a school who has special duties and some authority.

Ahmet, the prefect of the university invited some of his friends for party. But party was astoundingly boring, there was no activity, no fun at all. He silently went to the bathroom, turned on the tap and fulled the jugs. He put all the jugs on the tray. He would make a joke to his guests. That joke has %99 resemblance with teapot joke. His father has a big asset and he has normally very solemn behaviours but because of party was boring he decided to be playful. Before the joke he hesitated for public outrage but guests were reckless for the joke.

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