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İngilizce KelimeTürkçe Anlamıİngilizce AnlamıÖrnek Cümle/Hikaye
astonishşaşırtmak, hayrete düşürmekto make someone very surprisedHer quick recovery has astonished doctors. Hikayesi: Taner, kız arkadaşına büyük bir sürpriz yapmış. O da ona “Pes Taniş” bu kadar büyük bir sürpriz beklemiyordum demiş.
enrichzenginleştirmek, kalitesini artırmakto improve the quality of something by adding something to it.1) Our culture has been enriched by the many immigrants who live here. 2) How can i enrich my vocabulary? Hikayesi: Richy rich hasta olmuş. Annesi elinde bir tepsi parayla gelip, senin kuvvetlendirmek, zenginleştirmek gerek demiş.
frustratingsinir bozucu, üzücümaking you feel annoyed or less confident because you cannot achieve what you wantHe doesn’t listen to what i say and it’s so frustrating.
hesitateduraksamak, tereddüt etmekto pause before you do or say something, often because you are uncertain or nervous about it.1) If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me. 2) She hesitated slightly before answering the detective’s question.
diluteetkisini hafifletmek, seyreltmekto make a liquid thinner or weaker by adding water or another liquid to it.1) The effect of the speech was diluted by the speaker’s nervousness. 2) You can dilute the medicine with water.
voyagedeniz, uzay yolculuğua long journey, especially by ship or in space.
indicategöstermek, işaret etmek.to show that something exists or is likely to be true.Recent evidence indicate that the skeleton is about 3 million years old. 2) She nodded to indicate she was listening.
particularlyözellikle, bilhassaespecially.She didn’t seem particularly interested. 2) Was the food good? Not particularly.
regardingkonusunda, hakkındaabout or relating tothe teacher talked to the students regarding their homework. 2) I have a question regarding your earlier comments.
liabilityyükümlülük, sorumluluklegal responsibility for something.They have admitted liability for the damage caused.

Our nuclear family has 4 members. I have the liability for the holiday plans. My wife and children particularly care about the holiday plans. One day while we were sitting on the living room i opened the topic and told them that i want to talk with you regarding our next holiday plan. Before starting i hesitated but i told it anyway. As you all know the fun of our holiday is dilluted every year. Researches indicate that for enriching the holiday we should do something different. So i recommend you to make a voyage. After that proposal they were all astonished.

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