10 kelime ezberleme -Bölüm 2

İngilizce Kelimeİngilizce AnlamıTürkçesiCümle içinde kullanımı
inevitableIf something is inevitable you cannot avoid or prevent it. KaçınılmazIt was inevitable that his crime would be discovered.
incorporateto include something as part of something larger.birleştirmek, tevhid etmekSuggestions from the survey have been incorporated into the final design
Antropomorphism the showing or treating of animals, gods and objects as if they are human in appearanceinsan biçimcilik, insana benzetmeThe books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Winnie the pooh” are classic examples of antropomorphism
settleIf you settle an argument, you solve the problem and stop arguing. Halletmek, çözmek, çözüm yolu bulmakThe Kosovo Albanians refused to settle for anything less than full independence
Extentthe size or importance of somethingÖlçü, mertebe, derece, miktarHer face was injured to such an extent(so much) that he didn’t recognize her.
initiallyat the beginning, at firstbaşlangıçta, ilkin, baştanIt turned out that the situation was not as serious as we had initially believed.
bellowto shout something in a loud voiceBöğürmek, yüksek sesle söylemekHe’s watching the clock and will bellow out the countdown every once in a while.
descendto move or go downalçalmak, inişe geçmekwe descended four flights of stairs.
acknowledgeto accept that something is true or exists kabul etmek, doğruluğunu ikrar etmek.He acknowledged that there was a problem.
repentto say that you’re sorry for doing something badtövbe etmek, pişman olmak, pişmanlık duymakWe can worship and praise him, ask his aid, repent to him and seek his guidance.

Winnie the pooh is the classic example of antropomorphism and i was watching that by bellowing. When i learnt that that is a sin, i repent to Allah. When i went outside i saw my friend. Initially, i didn’t want to discuss with him but it was inevitable not to discuss with him. There was discussion about the alliens in the media. Alliens were planning to descend to the earth. That would be such an extent problem for the world. Governments had to settle the problem. But the only solution was the incorporating the lands but they didn’t agree on that. Finally, all the countries acknowledged their fault and solved the problem.

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